I'm an avid traveler. For me, you can't conquer the world unless you know the world. You have to put yourself out there and really embrace everything around you. Traveling for me means using all of the senses and putting yourself in an uncomfortable environment to understand how other people live. It's a cultural experience that no one can teach us. You have to live it for yourself. I normally travel alone (except for some places I wouldn't) and love every minute of it. In this section, you will find helpful tips, guides, and my own personal itinerary. 

I am obsessed with luxury travel but I'm am always on a mission to score a deal. (Trips feel better when you feel like you saved money no?) 

Basically like ballin' on a budget. 

Feel free to share, comment or ask any questions and of course, leave tips and inspiration. Let's pass it on! 

About Me

My name is Ashlee Braxton.

a-classique is a representation of the many versions of me. 

The many versions of me.


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